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A K-9 team's ability to perform well in agility is directly related to how well the team functions on the street; thus, some value is placed on the agility competition.

In real life, police dogs must be able to jump over walls, go through tunnels, walk on unsteady platforms and be lifted or lowered to where they are needed. Also, any place the dog goes, the handler must be able to follow. For this scenario, you will see the team negotiate 5 obstacles while a suspect, in a bite suite, is visible to the dog. Once the team clears the obstacles, they will become involved in a gunfight with the suspect. Once the team moves to different points of cover, the dog will be sent to apprehend the suspect.

In this event, the team will be judged on how well the dog negotiates the obstacles, the handler's tactics and the handler's ability to keep his dog under control, during a very stressful situation.

This event will be timed for the purpose of a tiebreaker only.


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