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       BUILDING                 SEARCH:            

A building search is perhaps the most dangerous task a K-9 team performs; yet they are called upon to do them nearly every shift they work.

Imagine you and your dog are called to a silent alarm. Upon arrival at the scene you discover the front door is forced open. It is now your responsibility to clear the building of any potentially dangerous subject(s) that do not want to go to jail. You make an announcement at the door and send your partner in, where he disappears into the darkness. After a few seconds, your partner barks in the back of the building, signaling that he has found somebody. You must now advance to him, hoping that there is nobody else inside, waiting to do you harm.

In this event the K-9 team will be judged on the handlers tactics, the dogs ability to search, find and alert on a suspect and how the team takes the suspect into custody.

This is a timed event.

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