Bring your used printer ink cartridges to the trials. The K-9 Connection in conjunction with Cartridge World will be accepting used printer ink cartridges to raise money to buy protective vests for Police K-9's.                                       Click here for more information.

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K-9's have consistently proven themselves in searching out both narcotics and bombs. The dog's ability to smell is incomprehensible. Many experts agree that a dogs nose is anywhere between a thousand to a million times stronger than that of a human.

In this area of competition, the judges will place an unknown number of actual substances in a building and among several vehicles. The teams will be judged on their proficiency in finding the aids, and the handler's ability to read the dog. There will be distractions placed in the search area.

Because this event takes place in a controlled environment, we are unable to showcase this competition. However, we will give some brief demonstrations on the field during some of the intermissions.

This event is timed for the purpose of a tiebreaker.

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