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Dedicated to the memory
of our Fallen Partners

The Desert Dog K-9 Trials will be supplying a color program of the trials, free of charge, to those attending this year’ competition. The program consists of information on the trials and the participants. It also includes advertisements of people and businesses associated with the trials. Approx. 3,000 programs will be printed.

Advertising Specifications

For questions or further information pertaining to Ad specifications contact Sarah Kurth International Minute Press, 480-946-1708, sarah@impressaz.com



8 3/8" w x 10 7/8" h (trim)

 Ad Size                        Dimensions

 Dbl Truck                 16" w x 10 7/8"h*

 Full Page                  8 3/8"w x 10 7/8"h*

 1/2 Page                   7 3/8"w x   4"h

 1/4 Page                   3" w x   4 "h

 1/8 Page                   3 " w x   2 "h - *1/8" full bleed

Ad Specifications


*        All Ads will be in full color this year. Art should be in 4 color process(cmyk).  

*        All files need to be designed at 300 dpi and at exact size. Full page or double page ads need to have a 1/8 margin and a 1/8 inch bleed on all sides. 

*        File format: High resolution .pdf (preferred). Can accept InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop files depending Creative Suite Version( all images and fonts need to be included or embedded/outlines/curves). 

*        Scanned artwork is not recommended due to general lack of quality on scans but if required scan must be 300 dpi and actual size. 


 1/8 Page                   $150.00
  1/4 Page                   $200.00
  1/2 Page                   $300.00
 Full Page                  $400.00
 Dbl Trk                      $700.00

Payment's can now be paid for online at alecastore.com or mail payment to:

Desert Dog K-9 Trials,

Download Ad Info Flyer in MS Word      Download Ad Info Flyer in Adobe .PDF

The Desert Dog K-9 Trials needs assistance in several areas including providing food and drinks for the many people that help the weekend of the trials. If you are able to donate food or beverages, we are willing to trade ad space in the program for those products. (Equal value)
We also hold raffles during the trials to help raise money to offset the cost of the trials. If you have products you would like to donate for the raffle, please contact us. We will advertise heavily over the p.a. system for those that donate. If you need more vendor information Click Here.

If you would like to advertise in our program, or donate food, beverages or raffle items for the 2018 K-9 Trials, please email Tony with your information.



Jumbo Screen Specifications

If you have been approved to advertise on the jumbo screen below is the following info. for submission.
As for the photo specifications in regards to the Jumbotron, the photos need to be in Landscape format ONLY. Landscape format means the photos are wider than they are taller. Portrait photos are taller than they are wider and do not look good at all on the 16x9 wide screen format that the Jumbotron utilizes. Sizing should be 640 wide by 480 high or larger, . Also, photos need to be in .jpeg, .gif, or .tiff format, preferably jpeg and gif, for the Jumbotron.
As for video or commercials:
Video for Jumbotron needs to be Standard Definition (SD) DVD Format. The Jumbotron is a Wide Screen, so 16:9 ratio format will play across the entire screen, but 4:3 regular Box Screen format will also work. Images/videos due by March 20th at 5pm. Send to admin@alecastore.com

Email Rod for further information: rod@desertdogk9trials.com

Please note that all fees are final, no refunds. 


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