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Teams entered must be full time peace officers, or military personnel assigned to their canine unit, with law enforcement or security duties.

You must have a minimum of 2 teams from your department to be eligible for the team top agency awards.

No E-Collars including food will be allowed during competition. Anyone caught using these while competing will be disqualified from the trials. Pinch and Chain Collars are acceptable for use during events.

Judges have the authority to re-run any phase of an exercise, should they feel it necessary. THE JUDGE'S DECISION IS FINAL!


If your dog urinates or defecates during an event, you will be disqualified from that event. When you are competing and in the staging area for the next event and need time to break your dog, simply let us know and the time will be given to you. For the past four years, the K-9 Trials has maintained a ZERO disqualification record. Don't be the one to break our five years in a row perfect record because if you do, you will be the one presented with the "GOOBER AWARD" at the awards banquet.

This event is open to the public and the media will be present so, your work uniform is required during competition.

Most events will be timed solely for the purpose of breaking a tie.

Any dog that is out of control or poses a danger to the public, judges or other K-9 teams will be disqualified.

Any discussion of events that require detection, between handlers before they have competed will result in your dismissal from the event. (Narc./bomb, area and building search etc.)

Any damage caused by your K-9 at the event or hotel will be the sole responsibility of you and/or your department/employer. Any injury to you or your K-9 or injury to another person is the sole responsibility of you and/or your department/employer.

A “do not disturb / K-9 in room” sign will be provided at hotel check in. When your K-9 is in the hotel room, this sign must be placed on the outside handle.

The handler will provide a working pager and/or cell number to the hotel desk, in case there is a problem ref. your K-9, when you leave the room without your K-9.

The handler is responsible for “picking up” after his/her K-9 at the hotel and stadium. Break areas will be designated and disposal tools will be available.

We will limit the event to the first 60 teams that register/submit applications. Please include your entry fee of $100 with your application if possible. If you are waiting for a company check, you MUST have the entry by the Friday night registration. Make check payable to Desert Dog K-9 Trials. Send to Desert Dog K-9 Trials at 3370 N. Hayden Rd #123-411, Scottsdale, AZ 85251.

There will be one day of training (to be announced) on Friday at the host hotel.

Bomb detection will begin at approx. 1800 hrs on Friday .

Narcotics detection will begin at 0700 hrs. on Saturday.

The department veterinarian will be on scene during the trials and staying at the hotel for any K-9 related emergencies. (contact numbers will be provided)

The awards dinner will be held at the host hotel several hours after the last Sunday competition, at approximately 1800 hrs.

Information and details about the events will be posted in the near future.

Contact Scott Callender, for more information. scott@desertdogk9trials.com

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